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Hormones Unite: (Comedy) (2015 WINNER Broad Humor Film Festival) Four friends. One cookie. A cross-country trip to Washington DC. Oh, yeah. All are in menopause. What could possibly go wrong? (93 pages)

Lisbeth:  (Teen Drama) Set in Renaissance era, a rebelious teenage girl defies her father by running away and causes havoc for the entire Kingdom. (103 pages)


Short Scripts:

See the World: (Sci-Fy) A Southern couple own a very unique sovenier shop in the desert where Aliens come to vacation. 5 pages (Showcased on (2015 3rd Place Winner - Scriptamation Festival) (Submitted to Brightside Tavern Film Festival Summer 2015)

Vat Number Three:  (Drama)Thanksgiving Day turns deadly for one family man. 5 pages (2014 Semi-Finalist HollyShorts Film Festival)

Through the Eyes of a Soldier:  (Fantasy) Lack of sleep can cause fantasy and reality to collide. 5 pages

Eugene Tibbs: (Family) Bullied by two boys, a young boy creates a world where he is the super hero. 5 pages (2015 3rd Place Winner - Scriptamation Festival) (Honorable Mention Brightside Tavern Film Festival Summer 2015)

The White Room: (Drama) An author must get her fictional characters in line for her booksigning. 9 pages

The Grassy Knoll: (Drama) A rental car agent meets a nervous man who carries a secret from the past. 5 pages

The Box: (Horror) A found treasure isn't always what it seems. 2 pages

Riddle Me This: (Thriller) A man receives an answer that changes his life forever. 5 pages

The Undead Club: (Comedy)Only the Undead can join this club. 5 pages (2015 Finalist - Scriptamation Festival) (Submitted to Brightside Tavern Film Festival Summer 2015)

The Office Party: (Horror) A newly acquired company thought of a new way to eliminate their employees. Invite them to a Halloween party where co-workers must kill to keep their jobs. 20 pages (Showcased on (submitted to The Page Awards 2015) (submitted to Shreikfest Film Festival 2015) (submitted to Mile High Film Festival 2015)

Lost and Found: (Drama) A homeless woman is forced to trade sex for food to feed her six year old child. When life becomes the darkest, her luck changes for the better. 11 pages (Showcased on (2015 WINNER Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival, 2015 WINNER Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival) (Semi-Finalist Hollyshorts 2015) (2015 Semi-Finalist Shore Scripts)

Stuck in a Song: (Fantasy) A womanizing cad finds it difficult to get his latest conquest out of his head. 6 pages

Jump for Me: (Drama) A couple must learn to trust each other in order to win fifty grand at a marriage counseling weekend. 3 pages

The Piece of Glass: (Thriller, Horror) Sibling rivalry escalates to a point of no return. 5 pages

Optioned Scripts:

Text Two:  (Comedy) Two hitmen encounter a problem when their boss relies on texting to pull a job.(Featured on SimplyScripts) 5 pages

Television SPEC Scripts:

Big Bang Theory: "The Memory Game"  What happens when Sheldon loses his memory?

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