When Crowdfunding Fails

Many filmmakers turn to crowdfunding to raise money to produce their films. The top crowdfunding source is Kickstarter with Indiegogo following closely. Then you have GoFundMe which is usually reserved for personal crowdfunding but filmmakers have used it as well. Crowdfunding relies on a persons friends and family as contributors. Filmmakers create "rewards" as a thank you for contributions. There are usually tiers from $1.00 to maybe thousands with each reward better than the last. One might get some people the contribute but when you're on a playform like Kickstarter that is an "all or nothing" approach, if you don't hit your goal, you receive zero. A big fat zero. So why use Kickstarter at all? Well, it's been around the longest and the most recognized platform out of them all, but it's also the hardest. So it's back to the drawing board for us and for many other filmmakers who didn't make their goal on Kickstarter. Live and learn. But we will accept crontributions through Paypal!